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I. Application information for foreigners
Content Subject Date Materials Application date
Preparation Application Application date After sending the application form and money to the True Parents Language Institute, the necessary documents will be sent for applying at the Korean Embassy for the D-4 visa When applying to the institute
Foreign registration card All foreigners 90 days before entering Korea Passport, letter of acceptance (from the institute), photo (3cm x 4cm)fee: 20,000won Beginning of every semester
Stay extension Expiration of visa 60 days before expiration Passport, foreign registration card, extension fee, application form for extension, birth certificate, letter of acceptance (from the institute) fee: 60,000won The student can come anytime to the office to apply
Re-entrance For students re-entering the country Before the end of the previous semester Foreign registration card, application for re-entry fee: one person- 30,000 won two persons- 50,000 won End of every semester
- The visa extension must be done within the expiration date.
If the application is done after the expiration date, a fine will be charged. When applying for extension, if your health insurance expires the student will need to renew their insurance.
- The office will announce a period for application.
For those who were not able to apply, or those who need to apply for different purposes, will be done under the student's responsibility. Necessary documents will be provided by the institute office.
- If changes should be made on your foreign registration card, (eg. passport number,
address etc.) application should be done 2 weeks in advance arrival or departing the country. Incase it is expired you will be fined.
II. Arrival information
III. Dormitory rooms
Registration confirmation
(True Parents' Language Institute office)
Settling in your room and sorting your luggage