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I. Educational goal
1. Through studying at the True Parents’ Language Institute as citizens of Cheon Il Guk we give opportunities
to learn True Parents’ language, Korean and the Korean culture centering on Heavenly Father.
2. By providing Korean language education to world leaders, we will contribute to their deeper understanding
of True Parents’ words and life of faith.
II. Courses available
1. Beginners course 1,2
- Learn correct pronunciation and structural background of vowels and consonants. Also become familiar
  with simple basic expressions.
- Practice pronunciation for prayers and True Parents' words
- Learn formal and informal expressions
- Learn to use everyday expressions and grammar
- Learn the language through practical sentence patterns and increase the number of vocabulary and grammar
2. Intermediate course 1,2
- Using vocabularies and grammars acquired in the beginner's course, practice on more fluent speaking
- Learn and understand daily idioms and their usage in Korean society and culture
- Be able to develop and use complex sentence structures
- Through the intermediate course student will be able to understand the content and the function of grammatical
  components and learn to express themselves more freely
- Develop skills to pray and write diaries in Korean
3. Advanced course
- Read different type of texts and summarize in own words
- To be able to understand news contents on various social and cultural aspect through newspaper, television,
- Understand True Parents', True Children’s and Dae Mo Nim's words
- Develop fluent speaking skills and discussion skills that can be used in Korean society and in companies
III. Study course
1. Study period
Division Semester time period Remarks
General course 1st semester every year March 2nd - mid June (15 weeks/ 300 hours)
2nd semester every year September 1st - mid December
(15 weeks/300 hours)
Special course University
course every year March 2nd – mid December (40 weeks/ 800 hours)  
Summer every year mid June - end of July (6 weeks/120 hours)  
Winter every year mid December to end of January
(6 weeks/120 hours)
2. Each day we commence class for 4 hours (9:00 to 12:00 / 13:00 to 14:00)
General course - Each semester will have various school trips (one night and two days) such as
  “Trip to “Korean culture heritage”, and “ Sight Seeing Trip” Also students will visit “
  Holy Ground” more than once.
Special courses University entrance course
- Special course for students who wish to study in Korean Universities or Graduate schools.
- The class will cover from beginning level to intermediate level
- Students will take Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) in September and aim to get score of level 4 and higher.
- Students will practice how to take interview exams in university entrance exam.
- Other details are same as those in regular course.
Seasonal Course - A short course provided during summer and winter breaks (6weeks).
- No afternoon class or culture trips.
3. Group division
Every semester the new students will take an entrance exam. They will be divided according to their results among the 6 levels available. Students who have already attended a semester will be assigned to classes depending on their previous exam results.
4. Attendance
In the True Parents' Language Institute rule no. 17, students must attend classes. Lack of attendance will become a matter of concern if it goes beyond 1/5th of the semester. If the student does not follow the rule, they will be demoted
5. Exam evaluation
Every semester through the mid-term and final exam results of the writing, listening, speaking if the result is above D and attendance exceeds 80%, the student will be able to receive a graduation certificate.
6. Special activities
True Parents' Language Institute provides opportunities for students through programs to learn the Korean culture, and their life style.
i) Culture tours : Each semester will have various school trips (one night and two days) such as “Trip to “Korean culture heritage”, and “ Sight Seeing Trip” Also students will visit “Holy Ground” more than once.
ii) Students' culture festival : Every semester we will conduct a culture festival to encourage students to use the Korean language through music and entertainment.
iii) Afternoon special classes
- will be held more than once a month, during afternoon
- Special lecture (Monday) : Invited leaders will give a speech or lecture on Divine Principle.
- Cultural Activity (Wednesday) : Traditional Korean Cooking, Balloon Arts, Singing, Park Golf etc.
- Korean Movie ( Friday) : Various Korean movies will be shown
iv) Field Trip : Each group will go to a field strip more than once during a semester
              ( Students will be given a mission to talk to Korean people in the city )
V) Others
- Student counseling: regular interview, personal counseling, and group meeting etc.
- Cheong Jung Goong Hun Dok Hae : When invited, we can attend Hun Dok Hae with True Parents in
  Cheong Jung Goong.
7. Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)
We encourage and support students who want to take the exam provided by Korean Educational Program Evaluation Committee ( required for University entrance class)

What is TOPIK?
TOPIK is a Korean language test for foreigners in Korea and people who studying Korean in other countries. The test is administered by the Korean Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation.